About SportAssist

SportAssist is a Langford based organization committed to the goal of keeping sport affordable and accessible to youth in our community, enabling anyone wanting to participate in an organized sport with the means and opportunity to do so.

Funding is provided two ways:

  • Directly to youth sport organizations to help keep participation affordable for all,
  • Through an application process to individual youth players to offset their registration fees.

Eligibility for direct funding for a youth is determined by considering:

  • A demonstrated commitment to their communities through other activities such as volunteering,
  • Participation – our priority is to ensure the greatest number of youth are able to participate in at least one sport, so we would give preference to someone who was not able to play in any organized sport before funding an individual who already participated in multiple sports,
  • Financial need

City Endorsements

YoungStu Young, Langford Mayor

One of the challenges in a growing community is to ensure we match the growth in our population and commercial areas with an increase in recreational opportunities for the many people who live and work in Langford. City Centre Park has become not only a centre of excellence for Rugby Canada, but a place where the youth of our community can enjoy an active lifestyle and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports.

SportAssist has been a valued part of Langford's commitment of "recreation for all," for over five years, ensuring that families don't face financial barriers to their children's participation in organized sport. With their new status as a non-profit society, I want to congratulate the first Board of Directors for their commitment to our community, and look forward to their continued efforts supporting this great cause.

SeatonLanny Seaton, Langford Councillor, Parks and Recreation chair

Sport has been a valued part of my life for many years. As our community continues to grow, we've been proud to add great new facilities – like City Centre Park – to our community. And while thousands of Westshore residents have enjoyed skating, playing soccer, softball, football, rugby and dozens of other great activities, there are some who need our help so they too can take part in an organized sport. I invite all Westshore businesses and residents to look for ways to help SportAssist in their mission, and continue to make our community the best place to live and work.